Vigo Champ

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The Toyota Hilux Vigo Champ is bigger, better,
and stronger than ever before. It’s the versatile
ute that is an Action Utility Vehicle (AUV). It’s
unbreakable workhorse meets off-road action
lifestyle! Boasting impressive power across the
range, inspiring performance and handling,
luxurious comfort, and fabled Toyota Hilux Vigo
Champ reliability and dependability, it’s got the
performance you want and the toughness
you’ve come to expect.

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4-spoke leather plus silver steering features
handy audio and multi-info display Switches
for entertainment on the go.

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Dominance is the utterance when the
VIGO Champ stands with its indisputable
presence. Built for the ultimate journey,
its exterior faces every challenge with grace,
power and luxury.

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